The Corozal Cultural Center, Opened 24 February, 2012

Old Market Previously as Museum, Renovations Underway

The new Corozal House of Culture was inaugurated on 24 February, 2012.

The opening of this cultural center in Corozal Town was a life-long dream of the people. Efforts to establish this center date back to 1994 when an initial attempt was made to establish the Corozal Museum at the old market. Sadly the continuity was dependent on political creed and as the administration swayed, so did the impetus to continue this project. Now the building has been refurbished and transformed into a cultural center.

This project is now the hands of ICA Corozal (a branch of NICH) that does not depend on any political force.

This House will serve to promote culture and offer a medium for exposure to local artists at a national level, on the first instance and internationally on the second level. The secondary goal is to preserve our historical sites, in particular the old market of Corozal Town. This building will be the unification point of our cultural activities and will serve as a training and exposition center.

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The first exhibit was The Corozal Collective. For all the artists featured click here.

During Women's Month in March, the Second Arte Con Voz de Mujer was on display. For the artists and images of the display, click here.

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