Earth Day in Corozal

Earth Day is an event celebrated all over the world, and it has a long and somewhat complicated history. April 22 has been designated as Earth Day internationally, but events are held at any time during the week. Corozal always celebrates it on the Saturday after April 22. Earth Day events are designed to demonstrate support for the environmental protection of our home, Earth.

The Corozal Town Council and many organizations participate in Earth Day activities in Corozal Town, the primary one being a massive clean-up of the trash in town and on the highways into town. FOCUS (Friends of Corozal United for Sustainability) has been a major force in the organization and implementation of the Earth Day program in full cooperation with the Corozal Town Council.

April 2015

Earth Day occurred on Saturday, April 25 in Corozal Town. There were a number of groups and organization that participated. First there was a clean-up, organized by FOCUS and the Town Council. Then a program was provided at Mangrove Park, and the new permanent kiosk provided by FOCUS and Mae Klein and Craig Timmons was inaugurated and a plaque unveiled.

April 2014

Corozal had a huge Earth Day event in 2014, beginning with a massive clean-up and ending with an environmental program and lunch at Mangrove park.

April 2012

Earth Day was held on April 29. Many schools and organizations participated in the clean-up. Then there was the dedication of the sign for Mangrove Park and lunch.

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