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Honours for Honorary Consul Marie Espat

Sat 11 Jun 2016 — The Government of México has awarded their high honour of the Order of the Aztec Eagle to Corozaleña Marie Espat, the Honorary Méxican Consul who has served both México and Belize here in Corozal for over 19 years.

Honours for Honorary Consul Marie Espat

Check the Corozal Daily for the full information. Her office on the San Antonio Road has helped many Belizean, Méxican, and other citizens with issues involving both countries. Thanks, Mrs. Marie!

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Detour at Corozal Hospital

Wed 11 Nov 2015 — There will be a temporary detour at the Corozal Community Hospital for the rest of this week.

The Corozal Community Hospital would like to inform the general public of a temporary detour at the Hospital for the rest of this week. The Hospital driveway will be grated and paved this week. In the meantime, parking in the rear of the hospital can be accessed by a temporary road near the Eye Center (up on the hill), just after the round about. We apologize for any inconvenience; however, this project will greatly improve the quality of service for the residents of Corozal.

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General Election Results

Wed 4 Nov 2015 — Brief election results from 4 November.

According to semi-official results reported by Love FM, the United Democratic Party has retained control of the Government. In the Corozal District, Pablo Saul Marin (UDP) has won Corozal Bay, Hugo Patt (UDP) has won Corozal North, Florencio Marin Jr (PUP) has won Corozal Southeast, and Dr. Angel Campos (UDP) has won Corozal Southwest. Congratulations to the winners, and to the outstanding effort by the other candidates.


General Election 4 November

Tue 29 Sep 2015 — The Prime Minister has called for general elections on Wednesday, 4 November 2015.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has asked the Governor General to dissolve the National Assembly and set general elections for Wednesday, 4th November 2015, with nominations to be taken on 16 October.

19 of the 31 seats have been held by the United Democratic Party, with 16 needed to form a government. This election will not affect the municipal officials, such as mayor and councillors.

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Chikungunya Prevention

Sun 30 Aug 2015 — The Ministry of Health has confirmed cases of Chikungunya in Altamira, just north of Corozal Town. The Town Council has supplied the following information on their Facebook Page.

Chikungunya Prevention

In response to the confirmed cases of Chikungunya in Alta Mira, the Ministry of Health and the Corozal Town Council have coordinated in facilitating a clean up campaign in that area as a precautionary measure to control the spread of Chikungunya and Dengue. The clean up campaign will be carried out in full force throughout the weekend and will continue in revisiting potential breeding sites until the entire area is under control. Residents are asked to do their part by removing all garbage and potential breeding sites from their yards so that it can be picked up on the street side. It is advised that the residents of Corozal follow the suggestions of this infograph to protect themselves and their children.

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RIP Mayor Mario Narvaez

Tue 2 Jun 2015 — joins Belize Media Group in sending condolences to the family of the two-term mayor of Corozal Town, Mario Ignacio Narvaez. The photo is from 24 October 2000, in his office as Mayor.

RIP Mayor Mario Narvaez

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015. BMG: Mario Ignacio Narvaez, the former two term mayor of Corozal and the last mayor from the People’s United Party to serve in that district, passed away earlier today, June 2.

Narvaez was mayor in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when he won two consecutive terms under a PUP slate.

Mr. Narvaez was sick for a few years until his passing this afternoon.

Belize Media Group sends our condolences to his family.

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GOB/EU rehabilitate San Victor - San Narciso Road

Thu 16 Apr 2015 — The Government of Belize and the European Union have completed almost 6 miles of good quality road connecting San Victor and San Narciso in the Corozal District.

GOB/EU rehabilitate San Victor - San Narciso Road

From The project is a collaborative effort of the Government of Belize and the European Union geared at improving the infrastructural development of the Agriculture, Tourism and Social sectors of northern Belize. A release from the Government states, that “The San Narciso – San Victor is an important transport corridor in northern Belize and the rehabilitation will result in decreased transportation costs to farmers and improve accessibility for road users in time of inclement weather.”

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Temporary Bus Terminal for Corozal Town

Sat 14 Mar 2015 — The Corozal Transport Department hereby informs the General Public and Commuters, that the Corozal Bus Terminal is being temporarily relocated to a new location, in the Santa Rita/Santa Elena Road, Corozal previously known as "SUPER SANTA RITA" adjacent to Majil's Mexican Products with effect from Monday March 16th, 2015.

Temporary Bus Terminal for Corozal Town

BUS ROUTE and TRAFFIC DIVERSION: Belize to Corozal Entering South End into 7th Avenue turn left by Lano's into 3rd Street South known as College Road, turn right into Portzal Area across from Huan Huan Store then turn left by Magana's Pharmacy into Santa Rita Road.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused. This is due to road works and improvements being carried out on 7th Avenue.

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Municipal Election Results

Fri 6 Mar 2015 — Victory for UDP in the Municipal Elections, 4 March 2015.

Municipal Election Results

The UDP swept the Municipal Elections in Corozal Town, and in fact everyplace country-wide except Orange Walk Town. Here are the results on, along with a link to the Elections and Boundaries Commission website with details for all elections.

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Register to Vote for Municipal Elections

Tue 9 Dec 2014 — The deadline for voter registration for the 2015 Municipal Elections is 10 January 2015.

Register to Vote for Municipal Elections

Municipal Elections will be held on Wednesday, 4 Mar 2015. Voters must register on or before 10 Jan 2015 to vote in these Municipal Elections. Persons who qualify to register should visit their municipality's Elections and Boundaries office.

The Elections and Boundaries Office (Corozal North, Corozal Bay, Corozal Southeast, and Corozal Southwest) is on First St N (across from the Police Station, upstairs)

Registration is open to persons at least 18 years old, and a citizen of Belize or any Commonwealth Country who has resided in Belize for at least 12 months, or any Commonwealth Country who is domiciled in Belize Resident in the Electoral Division at least 2 months.

For information call 422-2156.

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