Chikungunya Prevention

Sun 30 Aug 2015 — The Ministry of Health has confirmed cases of Chikungunya in Altamira, just north of Corozal Town. The Town Council has supplied the following information on their Facebook Page.

In response to the confirmed cases of Chikungunya in Alta Mira, the Ministry of Health and the Corozal Town Council have coordinated in facilitating a clean up campaign in that area as a precautionary measure to control the spread of Chikungunya and Dengue. The clean up campaign will be carried out in full force throughout the weekend and will continue in revisiting potential breeding sites until the entire area is under control. Residents are asked to do their part by removing all garbage and potential breeding sites from their yards so that it can be picked up on the street side. It is advised that the residents of Corozal follow the suggestions of this infograph to protect themselves and their children.

— Corozal Town Council  For more ...

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