Corozal Yearbook February 2013

13 February 2013

With a grant provided by the US Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation, Dr. Jaime Awe is overseeing a major excavation and development of the Santa Rita Archaeological site. Already exciting Maya artifacts are being found! will keep you updated on this exciting project. For pictures and more information we have a special page:

Click here for photos from the new Santa Rita digs.

These two photos are of the new reduced-carb meal at June's Kitchen. This is good news for diabetics and others who want or need less carbohydrates in their diet.

21 February 2013

Here are several photos from the Santa Rita project, about a week later.

22 February 2013

New playground equipment is being installed at Santa Rita Park.

Click here for photos from the new Santa Rita Park.

24 February 2013

And these photos are from the Anniversary Celebration for the Cultural Center.

26 February 2013

U.S. Embassy visit to Corozal Town.

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